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Dry Laksa DIY Kit


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Introducing our Dry Laksa DIY Kit for the all-in-one experience in your home. No need to leave the house, all the ingredients will be packed & delivered to your doorstep. All you need to do is fry the rempah, follow the instructions to prepare & cook the rest of the ingredients & plate.

For a healthier option, top up $4 to replace Rice Noodles with Konjac Silk Noodles. Konjac Silk Noodles are made with Konjac flour – from the root of a wild yam-like plant native to Asia. It contains water-based dietary fibres called Glucomannan, a good source of fibre that provides longer-lasting satiety. Konjac products can be flavourful and allows consumers to enjoy a healthy and delicious meal without worrying about the calories or carbohydrates intake.

FoodQi’s Konjac Series aims to provide a new lifestyle for consumers, and fill tummies in a healthy way. Suitable for all ages and people with intolerance to wheat, gluten, dairy or soy.

$48 per box

Serves 4 pax


1 Packet of 2MAAWDry Laksa Rempah

700g Rice Noodles

3 Pieces Fish Cake

250g Bean Sprouts (Plucked)

200ml KARA Coconut Cream

70g Tofu Puffs

Delivery available on Tues & Fri only.

To be consumed within 3 days of delivery as ingredients are fresh.


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