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About Us


2 Mamas and a Wok is every family’s answer to great tasting home cooked food. We bring together the flavours of tradition and love, cooked right in your own homes. Our recipes have been passed down through the generations and are carefully prepared so that we bring you authentic blends of heritage with our easy-to-cook South-East Asian rempahs and sambals. Perfect for the everyday home chef!


Grace(Mama G), Tracey (Mama T) and Michelle (The Wok!) are friends that share a passion for good food and great company. Their story is like many of ours where amidst the flurry of today’s responsibilities and schedules, they strive to spend time with their loved ones and often times, food is the center of these bonds.

2 Mamas and a Wok was born out of their desire to make it easy for families to create traditional dishes in their homes, while also passing down their mothers and grandmothers’ creations through their Sambals & Rempahs recipes. Eurasian & Peranakan recipes are beginning to be a lost art where the complexities of flavour and the time consuming preparations are lost on younger generations. Its these complex flavours & spices that define 2 Mamas and a Wok and their effort to provide  families with tasty, easy to prepare spice mixes that serve as both nourishment and nostalgia. An ode to their past generations and the simple notion that food brings families together.

Grace Kee - Mama G

A Zoologist by training, Grace spent 5 years working at Wildlife Reserves Singapore before leaving to pursue her passion for food. She co-founded a catering company (Rent A Chef) and restaurant (Soul Kitchen) with a chef-partner Damian D’Silva (judge of Masterchef Asia, Executive Chef at Kin Restaurant). Subsequently she decided to go back to corporate life and spent the next 15 years working for MTV Asia and Resorts World Sentosa. Her last job scope for RWS was Vice President, F&B Sales and Marketing and Events.

Throughout her childhood, Grace remembers spending weekends at her maternal grandmother’s home in Katong. Sunday lunch with the extended family was a big deal, with her grandma cooking up a Peranakan feast. Xmas was always a popiah spread and all the relatives looked forward to Chinese New Year with ayam buah keluak, her peow soup and itek sio being the hot favourites. After her grandmother’s passing, Grace was even more determined to perfect her grandma’s recipes so that she can retain the memories of the heritage dishes passed down to her.

With 25 years of building signature events, regional & database marketing, strategic partnerships and creative concept development under her belt, Grace was looking to find her passion in F&B again. As a mother of a 5 year old daughter, it was not realistic to open a restaurant with the demanding operational hours. Thus the idea to create small batches of artisanal rempahs and enable home cooks to recreate Singapore heritage dishes without the tedious prep and cooking of the rempah was born.

Tracey Cherbonnier - Mama T

Growing up in a large Peranakan family, Tracey learnt from a young age that often at the center of her family’s fondest memories, was the food that bound generations together.  At the helm of the kitchen, and arguably the heart of the family, was her grandmother. The matriarch who began the tradition of culinary care and the source of family recipes that continue to feed her and her extended family every Sunday at their family gatherings, and the multiple celebrations throughout the year.

Before setting on the path of 2 Mamas and A Wok, Tracey was a trained Montessori teacher whose passion was nurturing young minds. She played her craft in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore before marrying and eventually moving to Hong Kong. Pregnant and in a new city, a major disappointment to her Peranakan roots was the lack of availability of many of the ingredients to replicate the meals of her youth. Coming back to Singapore and raising a child of her own, the demands of today’s modern schedule further reiterated the need to explore good, wholesome, easy to prepare meals that her mother and grandmother would approve of.

While her own family recipes were passed down from generation to generation, the mutual passion for good food and traditional taste is what brought her and her long time friend, Grace, together to explore how they can share some of their recipes of past generations.

Michelle Kam - The Wok

Michelle’s home life always saw good food and good company go hand in hand. In her family, a good meal was always shared and was what brought everyone together. Starting from the early days, her maternal and paternal grandmothers would whip up a storm at family gatherings. A tradition carried on to her immediate family where meals were lovingly prepared by her mother, Jessie.

However, like many youths, the whims and distractions of being “young, wild and free” saw her lose touch of her family’s culinary craft. Almost serendipitously however, her career started out in the F&B industry and with the genuine love for food that her family engrained in her, her path was pretty much set. Her corporate endeavours brought her to work alongside world class chefs and be part of teams that successfully opened new restaurants, developed new first-to-market concepts and organised large scale food festivals.

Whether it was sales, marketing, branding, creatives, social, partnerships or collaborations, Michelle always held on to one goal –  to create excellent culinary adventures for one and all. When the time came to take these corporate experiences and new perspectives to join good friends to start 2 Mamas and A Wok, Michelle knew this was more than just a collaboration to create artisanal sambals and rempahs, this was a union based on mutual love for food, and love for family.

Together with the 2 Mamas, Michelle leads marketing efforts and her goal is to remind everyone that the narrative of a good meal goes beyond the taste and tradition of our rempahs and sambals. What’s even more important, is who you share it with.


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