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Ugly Chocolate Buah Keluak Sambal Brookies (Recipe from Geraldine Tay, @thatgreedypig)

INGREDIENTS (Serves 4 Pax)

151g All-Purpose flour
26g Varlhona Cocoa Powder
1 tsp Baking Soda
1 tsp Baking Powder
1/8 tsp Salt
*58g Butter
*57g Shortening
90g Caster Sugar
50g Light Brown Sugar
1 Egg
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
2 tbsp Milk
Few tbsp of Buah Keluak Sambal (depending on how strong a taste you’d like!)
Himalayan salt (optional)

*Option to use 115g Butter instead of half Butter and half Shortening


1. Whisk Flour, Cocoa powder, Baking Soda, and Salt. Set aside
2. Beat Butter & Shortening for 1 min, until creamy.
3. Add Sugars & beat until light & fluffy.
4. Beat in Egg & Vanilla Extract until combined
5. Using low speed, mix (1) + (2) until combined then beat in Milk and 1-2 tbsp of Buah Keluak Sambal into the mixture. Dough will be sticky. Cover dough in cling wrap and chill for at least 3 hours
6. Remove dough from fridge & leave it at room temperature for about 15-20 mins.
7. Preheat oven at 177C. Meanwhile, roll dough into balls (approx. 2 tbsp of dough/ball). Top each ball of dough with Buah Keluak Sambal and a sprinkle of Himalayan salt
8. Bake till desired texture
9. Leave to cool in cookie pan for 10 mins before placing on a cooling rack. Once fully cooled, put in an air-tight container