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Dry Laksa (Laksa Goreng)

(Recipe from 2 Mamas and A Wok)

INGREDIENTS (Serves 4 Pax)

1 packet of 2MAAW 220g Dry Laksa Rempah 250ml Coconut Milk
100g Water (can use chicken broth instead)

700g Rice Noodles (Blanched)
200g Bean Sprouts (Washed & Blanched) 12 Prawns (Peeled, Deveined and Cooked) 4 Hard Boiled Eggs (Cut into Halves)
3 Fish Cakes (Sliced)
70g Tofu Puffs (Cut into Pieces)


In a wok, fry rempah with some oil until aromatic.
Add the coconut milk & water to create a soft paste
Boil some water & blanch the noodles & beansprouts separately Cook the prawns, peel the shells & devein
Boil some water & cook the eggs until hard boiled


Toss Noodles in some of the cooked laksa paste
Split into 4 portions & transfer to 4 bowls
Top the noodles with 3 prawns, a few slices of fish cake, 2 halves of the hard boiled egg, some beansprouts, tofu puffs
Put a dollop of laksa paste on the side and sprinkle laksa leaves on top